2019 – 2020
Print and digital collateral for Hammer membership, public programs, and academic programs.

The Hammer Museum is one of three public art institutions of the School of Arts and Architecture at UCLA. The Hammer is fueled by dynamic exhibitions and programs—including lectures, symposia, film series, readings, and musical performances—that spark meaningful encounters with art and ideas.
2019 –
Selected identities, print invitations, and social graphics for events hosted by The Underground Museum.

The Underground Museum is a family-run art space founded by Noah and Karon Davis that gives the surrounding local neighborhoods in Los Angeles access to museum-quality art and serves as a cultural art space. ​​​​​​​
A publication that examines our human stewardship of land and challenges the concept of wilderness. 

Editorial design
180 x 235mm saddle-stitched magazine; 44 pages
Created in collaboration with media artist Nahee Hong, "No. 1964" is a poster series that reinterprets a poem by Dag T. Straumsvåg of the same title.

Print design, Illustration
176 x 250mm posters; series of 16
"We are ships at sea, not ducks in a pond." is an experiment in typography in virtual space. 

VR, 3D Modeling, Typography
3D environment built in Maya and Unity
"Blind Contours" is a software program that generates its own blind contour drawings. 

Software, Illustration
Program made with Processing
"Identity, Identify" is a website that plays with social judgements, in the context of both in-person and online interactions.  

Web design, Web development
Static webpage using HTML/CSS, jQuery, and Javascript
"rigor samsa" is an immersive, site-specific work for the Experimental Digital Arts space at UCLA.

Video, 3D Modeling, Animation
Three-channel video installation
A little zine filled with generative patterns made with Processing. 

Print design, Software
3.5 x 5" 12-page zine