"Blind Contours" is a software program that generates its own blind contour drawings. 

Special Thanks to Casey Reas.

Software, Illustration
Program made with Processing
Traditional blind contour drawing is training for the eye and hand. It's an important skill for any fine artist that creates images. How can software "draw" an image in a similar way or replicate the improvisation and line work characteristic of a single-line drawing?

I drew my own blind contour portraits that, once scanned, were turned into vectors. I find that hands are just as distinctive and telling as faces.
Using Geomerative, a Processing library that facilitates generative geometry, I wrote a program that interprets a vectorized drawing and orders the points into an array. This allows the program to randomly transition from drawing to drawing and, in the process, create unique images in every frame. Each time the software is run, a different sequence of  images is produced.