nancy wu

There is a discrepancy between the representational, holistic online identities we ourselves want to present and the scrutinizing identifications we make about people on the other side of the screen. This project is an exploration of our idenfications of others and vice versa, set against the backdrop of the identity we own and the identity we long to find in one another.
This project also involved crowdsourcing both data and judgements. I asked participants to find one stranger on social media who "looks nice" and one who doesn't and to send me images of their faces. Then, I used these images as samples to create a Google Teachable Machine model that then labels any input as "nice" or "not nice". 

The second question introduced in the survey asked people to tell about their first impression of a close friend and how it changed as they got to know them better. The collected mini-stories float around the screen space and add to the overall narrative of stranger encounters—online and in real life. 

These elements were combined into an interactive webpage using HTML/CSS, jQuery, and ml5.js. Samples of my code can be found below.